Its Been A LOONNGG Time Coming!

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Designing and Building a website that works for your business is not easy and its not quick! Especially when you are a designer designing your own website while you have a full work load of designing and building sites for your clients. 

So how do you get this process done…..CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT! When you start working with a designer have your content ready especially if you have a tight deadline and you want to get your site done within a reasonable amount of time. Having your content ready means that you have your copy (written text), and images and graphics for your website ready to hand over to your website designer when you sign to work with them. Not having your content ready will delay the process and the longer you take to finish it the longer the process will be. There can’t be a website without content. 

*Your website designer is NOT a copywriter. We do not write your copy for you! You are paying us to take all your brand collaterals and make them look good together on a site that will covert your viewers into paying clients. 

*Your website designer is NOT a photographer. We will not take pictures for you. We will on the other hand help you choose stock photos that will work for your brand. 

Now there are some web designers that do multiple things and they may help you with your copy, or they may be a photographer, or they may be a graphic designer. Don’t assume that they are a one stop shop for the services that you need. ASK QUESTIONS! If you come across a web designer that you want to work with and you need additional services that they don’t provide, ask if they know someone that provides the additional service you need. More times than not, they will have a referral for you.  

Content is the reason it took me so long to finish my site. I am not a fan of writing content. So I let the procrastination kick in and then I just got busy with building other peoples websites, and everything else thats on my never ending to-do list. But then one day the words just starting coming to me, the images of what I wanted to portray came and how I wanted to connect with you came. So I want to be the first to introduce you to, take a look around and tell me what you think!